Meeanee Firewood is a locally owned and operated firewood business providing a quality product at affordable prices. We pride ourselves on honesty and integrity and ensure the customers' requirements are met.


Our Macrocarpa logs have  only been down a couple of months. We can supply Macrocarpa but it is still wet and will take a few months to dry out and be suitable for burning.

This winter we will have limited supplies of  Kanuka.

Firewood prices have risen this year due to increased costs in wages, health and safety, getting logs landed on site, eg fuel increases, skid sites further away .  Due to the increase demand on export logs, pine that would normally have been graded as 'firewood' is now been exported. This season our Pine will be a random mix of plantation and old man pine.

Our yard is now CLOSED for gates sales and will reopen in April 2018. Orders can still be made on-line or by phone.

Due to been unable to store our wood under cover we can not guarantee that every piece of split wood delivered is going to be dry.  We do use tarpaulins to cover our piles in the winter but they do not provide 100% cover eg pieces on the ground continue to be harder to dry. We do rotate our wood piles to move wood from the bottom to the top which helps with air circulation and drying.

Logistically it is too difficult to co-ordinate and store wood for orders that are placed but not wanting to be delivered until 6-8 weeks later.  Delivery of wood is to be done within 2-3 weeks of placing an order.

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